I was stopped at a light when a drunk college student slammed on the brakes behind me. His equally drunk friend who was following him to the next bar crashed into him who then sent him into me. My 1993 Harley Fatboy was damaged and so was I. After getting the runaround from the two drunks and their insurers, I hired Jacque Touzet to handle my case.

Mr. Touzet appeared in criminal court to monitor the proceedings of the DUI cases and used that information when dealing with the insurance companies. He arranged to have my bike fixed at a Harley dealership and not some random shop chosen by the insurance company. He also arranged for medical treatment, and I didn’t even have to pay a co-pay.

In the end, my bike was fixed and my body was healed, and I never had to lift a finger save for going to the doctor. Jacque Touzet is a hell of a lawyer and a true friend to motorcyclists. As a rider, he understands what needs to be done in these types of cases. I can’t recommend him highly enough.