I am a 73 year old veteran and an avid motorcyclist. Unfortunately, I was hit on my bike in New Orleans and I was severely injured. My shoulder needed surgery, my bike was totaled and my clothes and helmet were soaked with gas and damaged. Since I work at a motorcycle repair shop, I spoke with the owner and he recommended I call MotoJustice. I called other firms and billboard lawyers that claimed to be motorcycle lawyers. I was not impressed and then decided to call Jacque. He impressed me as a legit motorcycle lawyer and since he rides on the street and the track, I knew he would do a good job on my case. He and his team are very professional and fought hard to get me the medical care I needed and replace my bike. They also got me compensated for my pain and suffering and unlike most lawyers, they gave me the lion’s share of the money. If you are in a motorcycle accident, I suggest you call the lawyers at MotoJustice. They will not disappoint you.