I was operating my  2018 BMW in the Bywater section of New Orleans when a car blew a stop sign, completely taking me and my bike out.  I was knocked unconscious and came to while being attending to by bystanders and eventually EMTs.  My hands were injured as well as my shoulders, legs and back and I was lucky to have full protection for my face and head as well as a motorcycle jacket, jeans and boots.  But for those protective measures, I would have been horribly injured.  What followed after was a full blown harassment by the insurance company for the guy that hit me.  I felt that the fact that he was ticketed for his fault in the accident and my clear innocence would help with getting my damages paid without much fanfare.  I was completely wrong and they treated me like I was the cause of the accident.  Property damage and attending to my injuries became a cat and mouse game with them, and the few conversations I did have with them left me frustrated since the adjuster was completely rude and not very helpful.  At that point, I looked to my fellow riding community to see who could help me with this situation, and MotoJustice rose to the top of the list of lawyers that handle motorcycle cases.  As soon as we met and I retained Jacque Touzet as my lawyer, his team began work on my claim.  He sent me to a hand specialist to ensure that my hands were adequately tested and treated so that my work would not be affected by the accident.  After I treated for all of my injuries, MotoJustice pressed for a settlement and when the insurance company tried to play games with them, they filed suit against the driver and the insurance company.  After battling on my behalf, they eventually forced them to pay for my pain and suffering as well as ALL of my medical bills.  In the end, I walked away with the lion’s share of the settlement thanks to their efforts.  I fully recommend MotoJustice if you are ever in a motorcycle accident and it was nice to speak to a lawyer that actually rides and knows about motorcycling when dealing with these types of cases.