I was returning home on my Ducati Multistrada having just visited a motorcycle show, and I was minutes from my home when the accident occurred. Four teenage girls, all packed in a small Nissan pulled right in front of me at an intersection, and I did not even have time to grab the brake lever. One witness described me as “Spider-Man” as I flew through the intersection. It’s a funny description, but my landing was not as humorous. Thankfully, I survived the crash, and the young lady was ticketed for her negligence, but my bike and my body were seriously damaged. I felt I should consult with an attorney, and Jacque Touzet came highly recommended as someone who specializes in motorcycle accident cases.

I am not a big fan of court cases, so I was hesitant when I met with Jacque. I told him that based on the fact the other driver was ticketed, I was sure everything would work itself out. I didn’t think I would need a lawyer. Boy, was I wrong!

What followed was nearly a year of wrangling with insurance companies and that young driver. She contested the ticket and demanded that her insurance company deny my claim. I went from positive to downright angry. Thankfully, I signed up with Jacque the day we met, and he guided me through the red tape and delays that both her insurer and mine created to keep me from being compensated for my riding gear, my bike, and my injuries. Jacque Touzet kept in constant contact with me while he negotiated the reimbursements for my helmet and riding equipment. He helped me get a replacement Ducati including the value of all the aftermarket accessories that were on my wrecked bike. He pressed until all pertinent policies paid maximum limits. And he walked me through all the medical treatments necessary to make me fit enough to ride. Two knee surgeries later, I’m as good as new and enjoying the new Multistrada that Jacque helped me secure as part of the settlement for my case.

The only mistake I made was thinking that it would be easy. Thankfully, there is a personal injury lawyer out there who knows motorcycles and is truly interested in getting clients back on a bike and back on the road. That lawyer is Jacque Touzet.