I reached out to Jacque Touzet after a bad accident in my home town of Houma, Louisiana. I was cruising along on my bike when a guy pulled out in his truck and blocked the entire highway. I had no choice but to lay my bike down and I hurt my hip, back and leg pretty badly. The bike was bashed up too. After he caused the crash, the guy backed into the driveway of Walgreen’s and pretended that it didn’t happen. When it came time to make a claim for my injuries and fix my bike, the insurance company believed the other driver’s bullshit story and refused to pay.

That’s when a buddy that went to MotoJustice for his case recommended I reach out to Jacque Touzet. He took my call personally and soon after the accident, he drove an hour to my house to pick me up and took me to the accident site. I sat in his car in amazement while he stood on a busy highway taking pictures, then went from door to door in the freezing cold, knocking on doors and asking if anyone had seen the accident. He even walked into local businesses and asked for videos and any witness information. By the time he dropped me back at home, he had found a witness that saw the guy blocking the road and got his name and phone number. Within days, he had his investigator there at the house interviewing him and recording his statement. He then contacted the insurance company again and shared the witness information, but they wouldn’t budge. So, he filed suit and threatened to expose the false statements made in the police report at a deposition of the driver.

That changed everything, and they paid us policy limits for my injuries and medical bills. MotoJustice even had them pay to replace my jeans, motorcycle jacket, and helmet and reimburse me for the value of the damages on the bike. I just can’t say enough good things about the Lawyers at MotoJustice. They actually worked a miracle in my case and brought the other driver to Justice. They really fight hard for riders and I recommend their services to anyone that needs a fighter in their corner.