While riding my Yamaha R-6 on I-10 in Metairie, I was cut off by a speeding truck. I did a full on “stoppie” into the back of the vehicle. The driver of the truck immediately sped away, but thankfully, an off-duty officer saw the entire accident and chased him down and forced him to come back to the scene. The insurance company looked as if they would make things right and I was clearly not at fault, so I assumed it would be easy to handle my case on my own and not hire a lawyer.

I was pretty badly hurt with serious neck and shoulder injuries. They fixed my bike OK, but when it came to my injuries, the insurance company really gave me the run around. When they offered me $2,500 for my injuries, I knew they were not going to do right by me. So, I hired Jacque Touzet to represent me. I knew Mr. Touzet from my work as a motorcycle mechanic at the local Triumph/Ducati Dealership, and he is an avid motorcyclist.

He took the case and fought hard to get me a proper settlement from the insurance company. If it wasn’t for Mr. Touzet, I would certainly have had to pay out of pocket for my medical bills, and I wouldn’t have received any money for my pain and suffering. His hard work got me full reimbursement for my co-pays and my medical costs as well as a settlement for personal injury. He is an excellent motorcycle accident attorney.