The lawyers at MotoJustice have all been more than wonderful to work with; from what I did not realize, would be from start to finish! 

I was hit from behind on my motorcycle at a stop light, because of a distracted driver who hit the car behind me.  I landed on the hood of the car that hit me.  What I Initially thought to be bumps and bruises ended up being significantly worse. (And to think I almost waived it off and went home!) 

A couple of days later, I called Jacque, after hours, really just looking for advice.  Within minutes he had me on the phone with his team, and they immediately got the ball rolling! 

That’s when the recovery began…with Scans and MRI’s…soon we had game plan.  Only to be told that in some of my scans they noticed something odd, and I should probably get it checked out.  Had I walked away like initially planned, I would not have found out that I have cancer that is still capable of being treated.  Had it gone much longer, I would not be writing this now.  Jacque, his quick response team, and their eagerness to help has literally saved my life.  

Now, I am well on the road to recovery in more ways than one!  Oh, and they were even able to save my “baby” (my beloved motorcycle!) from being totaled!  I finished the repairs 2 days before I was medically cleared to ride again.  The day I was released to ride, I ran home to put her on the road and break in the new parts with a quick 300 miles!  The happiest I have been in months!  😃

I couldn’t have asked for better representation.  The whole team has been amazing through the entire process, and I know who to call if I ever need help in this department again! Don’t wait, and don’t waste time with someone else who won’t invest in YOU like these guys do.  You won’t regret it!