I would like to take a moment to talk about my experience with MotoJustice. I was was in a motorcycle accident and needed help to navigate the legal world of injuries, and repairing my motorcycle. To be honest, I have been in two previous accidents where I paid everything out of my own pocket. So, when this accident happened, I was determined to seek assistance on fixing myself and my bike.

My limited past experience working with a Law Firm had me apprehensive, but I made the call to MotoJustice and I’m very glad I did. The initial consultation was free. They helped me at every turn of the process. I got my bike fixed, medical bills taken care of and compensation for the lifelong impact of my bodily injuries.

MotoJustice played hardball with the insurance companies until they reached a settlement. I never would have been able to do this on my own. The settlement covered all the medical bills, repairs, attorney fees, and a nice settlement for myself.

I would like to personally thank Jaque Touzet. He went way above and beyond his services to help. Prior to the settlement, we were in the process of purchasing a house. We needed part of the settlement as a down payment, but the settlement check had not cleared yet. Jacque graciously gave us the money we needed out of his own personal account for our closing. We paid him back out of my portion of the settlement with no interest or additional fees. We would not have been able to get our house without his help.

Jaque has even called me a few times after everything, just to see how I’m doing with my injuries and our new house. To me, that’s customer service. I was treated like a person and that I actually mattered to them. I would recommend MotoJustice to all my friends and anyone else that needs a law firm to get their life back on track and have peace of mind.

Thank you MotoJustice!