I worked in the motorcycle trade industry and heard about Jacque Touzet from some motorcyclists he had helped in the past. I had the misfortune of being hit by driver that darted into my lane and tossed me off the bike and on to the concrete. Despite the protective gear I was wearing, I had terrible road rash and burns on my back, side, and legs. My knee was also injured.

I contacted Jacque soon after the motorcycle accident, and he was able to meet with me within a day. He helped me get medical treatment without any out-of-pocket expenses. He then began negotiations with the insurance company of the guy that hit me. They denied coverage because a ticket was not issued to their insured. Jacque pressed them hard, but they still would not budge. Finally, he filed suit in state court and embarked on some legal wrangling. Thanks to Jacque’s efforts, the insurance company, which had previously offered nothing, settled for just $200 under policy limits!

I was beyond relieved when I heard this. And when the medical providers asked for their payment, he negotiated with them to lower their bills so that I could keep the lion’s share of the settlement. He worked hard on my behalf, and I recommend Jacque Touzet if you have any motorcycle-related personal injury issue or claim.