I was in a pretty bad bike wreck that totaled my bike and did a real number on my back and shoulder. The bike shop I worked with had clients that went to MotoJustice, and I saw the quality of their work. From getting the bikes through our repair shop and back on the road, to the handling of the riders’ injury claims. When an inattentive driver took me out on my Ducati Streetfighter, I knew I had to call Jacque immediately.

The bike was totaled and he helped me get top dollar and didn’t charge me a fee for helping with that part of the case. MotoJustice then made sure that the other guy’s insurance company tendered policy limits and had my UM insurer do the same. When the hospitals and doctors came calling for their money, they negotiated with them to get my bills reduced. In the end, they even cut their fee nearly in half to assure that I would walk away with the biggest check in the group. The lawyers at MotoJustice really care about riders, so if some bad luck finds you, call them for help.