I was told about MotoJustice and attorney Jacque Touzet by a friend at NOLA Motorsports Park. He told me Jacque not only rode bikes but focused his legal practice on helping riders.

I was in a bad wreck with my sport bike and suffered a brain injury after flying over the hood of some woman that was not paying attention. Her insurance company offered me $2,500 to settle my claims with the other driver.  I knew I would need help to get the medical care I needed. I called Mr. Touzet and he laughed at their offer telling me, “That’s ridiculous.” Exactly one year later and after much haggling with not only the lady’s insurer but also my UM insurer, Mr. Touzet settled for full policy limits on both policies. He helped me get the brain MRI’s needed to help assess my brain injury and even set me up with a reputable neurologist. He even went so far as to meet me at the doctor’s office to make sure I had all my MRI films and the information needed to diagnose me. I can tell you that without Mr. Touzet, I’d be in pretty bad shape and without compensation for my injuries. He has followed up with me even long after the case settled and set up follow-up testing to assure I’m out of the woods. There is no better friend to a biker than Jacque Touzet, and I recommend him if you have any bike-related case.