I reached out to Jacque Touzet at a Harley-Davidson Event that MotoJustice attended here in the New Orleans area. As a certified Harley-Davidson mechanic at the dealership, I had heard he helped other riders and I approached him about my case. I already had a lawyer but he said that if I ever felt I wasn’t priority or she wasn’t doing her job that he’d take a look at my case for me. You see I was involved in a pretty bad bike crash at highway speeds and I was not only injured, but had been wronged not only by the cops but by my lazy attorney as well. Despite being an innocent party to the accident, the cops chose to scare away my witnesses and cite me for careless operation of my motorcycle claiming I was a distracted driver.

Unfortunately, I had reached out to one of those national “bike lawyer” advertisers and I ended up getting sent to some lawyer that knew about as much about bikes as I do about growing petunias. She refused to get her hands dirty fighting my criminal matter leaving me floating in the wind. She did not explain this to me ‘til after I signed her as counsel, stating that I “should hire her cousin” or to handle that portion of the case on my own. She also did not want to do anything or gather evidence on my behalf until just before the one year filing deadline. On the few occasions I met with her she was more concerned with her looks than my case, often repeating how old she was but doesn’t look it. She was also located almost an hour away from my home and the accident making it difficult to deliver her any needed paperwork. Luckily I prevailed in criminal court since I found out later that if I had plead guilty to anything, my civil case against the lady that hit me would have been destroyed.

When I first met with Jacque, he was pretty upset to hear that I had been left to handle my own defense in criminal court and forced to do a lot of the legwork on the civil case. Turns out that my first lawyer had not done much on the case. When I went to Moto Justice, I saw an immediate change. They filed suit on my case right away and began gathering information immediately. I could tell I was a big priority and they truly understood what needed to be done and they moved incredibly fast. They created such a buzz in my case that an unusual thing happened: my UM insurer tendered policy limits BEFORE we had even discussed settlement with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Then they set about forcing the driver’s insurance company to settle. Of Course, despite the clear fault of the other driver, they balked at paying their share of the damages. So, Touzet then threatened to expose the other driver as an illegal alien, and that the policy holder had attempted to commit insurance fraud herself to draw attention from the driver. The subpoenas were about to fly when the insurance company cried “uncle”. That resulted in another full policy payout for my pain and suffering and damages. Then they negotiated the majority of my medical records down so that I could pocket the lion’s share of the settlement.

I am sad that I ever got duped into going with a national chain claiming motorcycle expertise, when all they did was sell my lead to some lawyer that had no business handling a motorcycle case. I am glad that I finally found some real motorcycle lawyers that were willing to fight for me and make sure that I got the justice I deserved. I have to thank MotoJustice for helping me and I urge every biker to seek them out if trouble ever finds them out on the road. The lawyers at MotoJustice not only truly care about riders but are riders themselves and they know what they are doing!